Shopping Trip: Pieces, Clementine, and B-Sides, oh my!

PiecesMarch2013It’s been a while since I’ve done a shopping trip post, but the goodies from just a week ago were just too good not to share. As mentioned here, I really wasn’t even planning to shop, but as I drove by Pieces Boutique and Consignment, I did a quick u-turn and pulled into a spot. I had seen this store many times, but had never stopped and figured this day was as good as any. A wool, fully lined blazer and long maroon dress made it into the dressing room with me where I turned to my go-to for feedback: a quick twitter/instagram post and I couldn’t help but laugh out loud at Sheree from It’s Not That Deep…‘s input. Her fashion sense is beyond perfect, but this blazer is so me (have since worn it no less than 3 times and I bought it a mere 6 days ago!) I had to ignore the two thumbs down.

SeeByChloeSweater2My next stop was Clementine in Carytown. A designer boutique similar Baggio that usually carries high end designers that come with a high end piece even at consignment. Case in point: I found a Helmut Lang dress on sale for $99. A steal for Helmut Lang, but not a steal for my wallet. My favorite piece was this See By Chloe sweater – at a size Medium it would serve as an oversized piece and with the price ($22) it was all mine. There is a minuscule hole near the bottom which is near invisible and that I can sew as soon as I pull out my sewing kit.

ClothesatBSidesMy last stop was B-Sides, most easily described as a curated thrift store which will also buy clothes, in an effort to redeem my purchases. B-Sides took quite a few of my items so in the end, I purchased my blazer for $14, sweater for $22, and got back $18. Not a bad day in the world of 2nd hand.

What treasures have you bought or sold recently? Any fantastic thrifted or consignment items in your closet?


2 thoughts on “Shopping Trip: Pieces, Clementine, and B-Sides, oh my!

  1. Clementine is one of my favorite spots!! I love it. I haven’t been doing too much shopping lately, although I did score some colored jeans at Urban Outfitters on clearance for $20 and they’re actually NOT too long!!!

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