Weekend Chic: Sporty Spice

2013.3.3SportySpiceDespite common perspective, I do not go shopping very often. I go looking, but I don’t usually purchase. I’m saving up space in my wardrobe (and wallet) for a few certain 2nd hand items: a black leather cross body bag, Chloe shoes I have my eye on, and distressed jeans. I managed to make an exception for this Izod sports dress I found in Clothes Mentor (35% off $22? absolutely). At first glance it was a great 2nd hand find, but my mind immediately when to how would I wear it? And what did I need a sports dress for? I’m certainly not going to play tennis in this. It was too good to pass up though, so expect to see it more than frequently as I experiment with layers. 

2013.3.3SportySpiceBack 2013.3.3SportySpiceDetails 2013.3.3SportySpiceWalk

What items are in your closet that you style in ways other than what they were intended? 

Outfit details:

turtleneck – H&M / dress – Izod, via Clothes Mentor / jeans – H&M / boots – BCBG Generation / bag – thrifted / cuff – Unearthed / watch – Citizen / earrings – old

3 thoughts on “Weekend Chic: Sporty Spice

  1. I bought a striped dress from a designer for Target collaboration without trying it on. When I went to wear it, I discovered that it was way to short for work (and was actually Junior sizing). So, I pair it with skinny jeans. Instant fix.

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