#NYFWInsider: Nina Skarra’s Frosted Circus

ninaskarra1 (1)Next up on my NYFW Insider’s show docket was another box presentation by New York Fashion Week new comer, Nina Skarra. Although New York was new territory for Nina, presenting runway worthy, celebrity wearing, eco-friendly designs was not. Hailing from Norway, Nina infuses each of her designs with a fresh sense of clean, socially conscious wearability. All of her designs are made from silk, wool, bamboo, soya, eco leather, and organic cotton, all of which are 100% biodegradable and 100% eco friendly.

NinaSkarraCollageninaskarra2NinaSkarraCollage2All photos courtesy of and copyrighted to Jai Mayhew

An aptly named show, Nina’s fall/winter collection left my NYFW Insider with the distinct impression of fashion collection done right. It was “chic with great lines…playful twists in the details: pants that bunch at the ankles, pointed shoes and bright pops of red. There was no excess of styling of the clothes, a very clean presentation.” And, perhaps most important to a photographer, the hair and makeup was “rich and editorial,” a photographer’s dream.

As if a box presentation wasn’t fun enough, being stopped outside the show by about 15 photographers asking my NYFW Insider if they could get photos and who was she wearing (truth be told – H&M!) sure was!

Did you know that Style.com doesn’t feature all of the designers that were at New York Fashion Week? To really get the inside scoop and see some of the shows that have been featured here, check out the Mercedes Benz Fashion Week website. It’s got it all!


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