#NYFWInsider: Nautica Men’s and Celebrity Sightings

nauticamenspeterfacinelliWinklevoss1Winklevoss twin of Facebook fame + Peter Facinelli from Twilight

If anything can get hordes of fashion girls (ok, or probably any girl) excited it’s the Winklevoss twins who were spotted front and center by my New York Fashion Week insider at the Nautica men’s show. And if you maybe thought that Nautica was the brand of the 90s, then think again. With sharply tailored looks that combined equal parts manly boots and chunky knits with refined blazers, the Nautica man is probably one we can all get behind. At least if you like ’em rugged and handsome.

nauticamens3NauticamensCollagenauticamens5NauticMensCollage2 All photos courtesy of and copyrighted to Jai Mayhew

Some tidbits from inside the tents: When my NYFW Insider first arrived, the NY blizzard was in full effect and the sounds of the snow and sleet could be heard on top of the tent, but the great swag bags on each seat made up for the slushy conditions and with standing room, only even a blizzard wasn’t keeping the fashion fans away. My NYFW Insider scored 2nd row seats (slightly unsure if they would let her keep ’em!) and saw not only the Winklevoss twins, but also the star who played the vampire dad in Twilight. And I would be remiss without another direct quote, “Hottest male models ever. Possibly hottest men ever. Chic styles, alpine meets rugged…that’s my interpretation.” (She doesn’t claim to be a fashion pro, just a person who can take great photos). And of course a fashion week show wouldn’t be complete without an unsubstantiated rumor or two. Who was rumored to be at Nautica? Oh, just Ne-Yo.

What do you think of the Nautica show? Anyone else finding a re-ignited love for the “old school” brands?


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