#NYFWInsider: Concept Korea

conceptkorea4One of my favorite things about having a NYFW insider was finding out about different brands and designers I had never been exposed to before. Case in point, Concept Korea, a collaborative collection designed to promote Korean fashion designers. This year’s show featured five different designers, each with a different angle to their collection. Since I love learning about new designers, I’m excited to be able to share Jai’s photos from the show. But before we do, let’s learn a little about the 5 designers.

  1. KYE – by Kathleen Hanhee Kye. Kye is already gaining popularity with stores like Opening Ceremony and described her collection as, “Fun- living fashion:  extraordinary fashion concepts and shapes that render fashion art products.” See more at kyefashion.com.
  2. CHOIBOKO – by Choi Bo Ko. Ko’s designs are known as “modern and globalized” – focusing on the philosophical and social role of fashion by weaving culture traditions into his designs. See more at choiboko.com
  3. CRES. E DIM. – by Hongbum Kim. Cres E Dim is short for “crescendo e diminuedo,” a musical term that means to gradually get louder, then to gradually get softer. Kim’s fashion philosophy is to put together opposing factors such as strong shapes and colors combined with flowy materials. See more at cresedim.com.
  4. LIE SANG BONG – by Lie Sang Bong. Bong’s designs fuse culture and art, combining shapes and volume. See more at liesangbong.com.
  5. SON JUNG WAN – by Son Jung Wan. Wan appeals to the NYC girl (or any other modern city) by creating designs that are practical and simple while including glamours fabrics. See more at songjungwan.com

conceptkorea1 conceptkorea2 conceptkorea3 conceptkorealogoAll photos courtesy of and copyrighted to Jai Mayhew

What do you think of Concept Korea as a collaborative effort for showcasing new designers? Anyone thinking of adding a new designer to their wardrobe rotation?


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