#NYFWInsider: Candela

candelalogoCandela Show – a Mercedes Benz Fashion Week Box Presentation

One of the first shows Jai, my New York Fashion Week Insider, got to see was Candela – a box presentation (the models stand stock still in a set area and guests walk around them and look at the designs) that took my breath away all the way in Richmond, Virginia and seen only through text pics no less. Candela is the creation of Gabriela Perezutti, a NYC transplant from Uruguay (between Argentina and Brazil for those of us not geographically inclined). Like many designer lines, Candela was brought to life by something small (a t-shirt) and while the designer was working another full time job in fashion, in Gabriela’s case at a New York Showroom. Her line bears influences of her South American lifestyle with denim, fridge and suede boots, but it’s the combination of those details with the vibrant colors, sequins and silk that appeal to the modern, city dwelling girl.
candela1 candela5 NYINSIDER-CandelaCollagecandela2All photos courtesy of and copyrighted to Jai Mayhew

In case you needed further evidence that this show was indeed fabulous, I’ll leave you with my #NYFWInsider’s direct quote, “omg candelas gorgeous!!!”

For more Candela, check out @candelanyc on twitter, the Candela website, and the Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week  website for more show photos.


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