Group Thrift Shop: Southside Style

GoodwillA few weeks ago I arranged a little shopping event – a get together comprised of a small group of people for the sole purpose of thrifting, because shopping is always more fun in a group. I set up our thrift store tour around three huge stores on the Southside of Richmond and invited just a few people to keep it small (and see if anyone came!).

BurberryLMFeaturing Liz of I Heart Vegetables

Our first stop was Family Thrift where the amazing find of the day was this Burberry blazer. I was a little suspect at the “Buberrys” logo, but from a quick Google search it seemed legit. Any readers out there with more info, let me know! We ultimately decided that the blazer was too boxy, most likely due to it being a petite size. While cute when worn open, it wasn’t a justifiable purchase due to fit.

ThriftedFindsChevronDressCollage_TextThanks Liz for the great dress photo!

Our second and third stops were the Salvation Army and Goodwill where I spotted a unique hand knitted sweater, leather skirt, and adorable sweater dress (that Liz bought!). Of course I would be utterly remiss if I did not mention this chevron dress. The pattern and design made it love at first sight on the hanger even though it was apparent it would need some serious DIY work. Well, I didn’t know quite how much DIY work it would take until I put it on – way too much! I tried to see what it would look like with a shorter hem, but the overall alterations would have been arms slimmed, base hemmed, neckline added and darts. So at least we managed a good laugh.

ThriftingSydLizcroppedLiz was the clear winner when it came to thrift hauls: she managed several cardigans, tops and other finds for under $50! I mainly scored some household items like a cute pair of salt and pepper shakes I was peer pressured into buying and the belt worn in Monday’s post. It was a huge success and we had a ton of fun, proving that shopping 2nd hand 1st can yield house hold goods, laughs, and also some quality purchases.

Local readers: I will be hosting group shop thrift event 1:30PM-4:30PM, Saturday, March 23. If you would like to attend, please send your RSVP by Saturday, March 16 to Would love to have you come thrift with me!


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