Snip, snip + a giveaway!


I apologize the photo is so small, thanks for bearing with me on my first giveaway that netted comments in the double digits.  I used List Randomizer from to generate my winner


IMG_6391All photos courtesy of Kaytee Lauren Photography who was compensated with an almond butter latte (her choice)

It was with no small apprehension that I sat down last week in the hair stylist’s chair. I had had my appointment scheduled for about a week, made a Pinterest board with my inspirations, and was ready to commit to a 6 inch cut, but still felt nervous about my choice of location – Hair Cuttery (dun dun dun….). An agency working with the salons contacted me a few weeks prior asking if I would be interested in receiving a Hair Cuttery gift card in exchange for a session in one of their stylist’s chairs. I could get anything I wanted: color, cut, style, keratin, or a blow-out. I quickly said yes because my hair had grown to ginormous lengths and I actually said to a friend, “I need to learn to cut my own hair” and we all know that would not end well.

LongHairFrontBackI have long been tired of paying boutique salon prices (even though I love those free drinks they give you) and had actually adopted a habit of going to one well-known local salon and only getting my hair cut by their trained apprentices: good cut, good price. The only problem was that eventually all my apprentices moved on up and I was back to $60 a pop. Personally, that’s not my style. If you read ChicStripes, you know I made a commitment to shop 2nd hand first for the year 2013. I love the quality of pieces I can buy consignment that I wouldn’t be able to afford retail. I essentially applied the same logic to my hair. So I said yes! And in the spirit of really committing to this for you, my readers, I rejected an easy blow-out and opted for a real cut and style change (let the nerves ensue).

ProteinTreatment_textThe results were nothing less than amazing. I can admit that even in the boutiques I have gotten some not so great hair-cuts, but was satisfied at the price I paid. But no more will I sacrifice style for price. I can have my cake, err, cut, and keep my money too because I found my girl and she works at Hair Cuttery (how’s that for an open admission?). Even in the best salons, I do believe that 99% of your cut is determined by the stylist themselves, regardless of training. And T’s skills were more than evident, having been a stylist for more than 6 years, lived in NYC, and loves all things hair. She did exactly what I asked, gave me a fresh cut, and gave me the scoop on all sorts of Hair Cuttery goodness.

TheCut_textWhile in her chair, T gave me the low down on all of the products offered at Hair Cuttery. A typical cut is just $14, but you can add things like blowdry or style for just a few more bucks. You can also do color, which I contemplated, but ended up sticking with my own. But should I ever want that color, it’s all loaded onto my Hair Cuttery profile card that can be looked up at any Hair Cuttery ever. Kinda cool right? I also learned that drier, fine hair (like mine) gets even drier in the winter and can benefit from hair treatments. I guess I’m the last girl on earth to really take good care of her hair because I kept nodding at all this new information and my only response was, “I’m not a hair girl! I’m a clothes girl!”.

Styling_textHair Cuttery sells Redken products, and while I usually don’t buy my products at a salon, I was hooked on the spray she used while my hair was wet. I bought it and have used it every day since then and love it. It actually makes my hair look full (when I take the time to do it!). Other tips and tricks I learned is to round brush your hair up and away from the ends (pulling towards the scalp, not pulling it straight down) and to hit the curled hair with the cool button on your hair dryer. Not being a hair girl, I have tried this at home and am pleased to report it works! She offered me the hair spray, but I wasn’t ready to commit to a $24 bottle of the stuff, but liked how it held the style.

ShortHairAfterPayingMy after look was gorgeous! I am already planning my return trip because I think I want to take the back a touch shorter and maybe loose the bangs and for just $14, I may yet become a hair girl. I’m also convincing my husband to take a visit to T (follow me on instagram for a first hand account of that trip!).

Are you already a hair girl? Want to convert to one yourself? Here’s your chance because Hair Cuttery is offering a $50 gift card to one reader! Keep reading for entry details.

  • Prize package: A $50 gift card to the Hair Cuttery salon of your choice
  • Short and sweet to enter: Leave a comment on this post with the phrase, “MAKE ME A HAIR GIRL (or guy)” and tell me…. Your go-to hair product. Is it hair spray? Prep tonic? A quality shampoo/conditioner? A brand you swear by?
  • Ends: Saturday, Feb 23rd at 9pm EST
  • How many wins?: One (U.S only)
  • Rules: One entry per e-mail address is permitted. The winner will be chosen randomly (the old slips in a hat trick or and announced on the Sunday following the close as an update to the original post.

Note: One2One Network sponsored this campaign and I received a Hair Cuttery gift card and monetary compensation to test out their services and report back to you. Everything written here was prompted by my own opinions and experiences. See my Policies page for more information.

Pssst. Also make sure to check out their Facebook and Twitter and through March 4, Hair Cuttery is offering discounted color packages and 40% off professional shampoo and conditioning liters.



19 thoughts on “Snip, snip + a giveaway!

  1. MAKE ME A HAIR GIRL!! because my go to hair product is…conditioner! some people like to use cream and sprays after they shower, but I like to get my hair soft and managable in the shower. I try to get a hydrating or syrum enfused conditioner so all I have to do is rinse, condition, and repeat(: (herbal essences hello hydration or long term relationship is the conditiner I go for at the store!)

  2. MAKE ME A HAIR GIRL!! My go-to product is Paul Mitchell’s tea tree shampoo– my husband and I actually buy it in the gallon-sized bottle because it’s cheaper that way and it’s the only shampoo we agree on!! I’m definitely not a “hair girl”… I haven’t gotten my hair cut since we moved to Ohio back in August. A gift card would be amazing and would finally get me out to the salon and looking nice!

  3. MAKE ME A HAIR GIRL!! My to go hair product would have to be my leave in condition, I have very THICK hair that can be a tad unruly at times but my leave it makes it shiny, full of volume and plus it smells SO good!

  4. MAKE ME A HAIR GIRL! My go-to product is Sheer Blonde shampoo by John Frieda. Thanks for the chance to win! Your haircut turned out great! :)

  5. MAKE ME A HAIR GIRL!! my go to hair product is… all things Aussie. I love their moist shampoo and conditioner (I occasionally switch it out with cleanse and mend). I use their 3-minute miracle conditioner at least once a week because my hair is fairly fine and dries out quickly, especially because I use a flat-iron almost every day. I like to spray their leave-in conditioner on my wet hair after the shower.

  6. I loooooooooove the smell of Aussie hair products!! And their 3-minute miracle conditioner is amazing– thanks for reminding me to order some more!!

  7. MAKE ME A HAIR GIRL! I don’t stick with a product long enough to have a go-to. I’m always on the lookout for the next miracle product for my brittle hair.

  8. Your hair looks great! I used to work for Ratner Companies which is the parent company of Hair Cuttery. I can vouch that they spend a lot of time and resources educating their staff, more so than a lot of the privately owned salons. I am absolutely a Hair Girl!

  9. MAKE ME A HAIR GIRL! My go-to hair product is: Garnier Fructis Sleek & Shine Conditioning Cream. It’s a leave-in cream and helps keep my hair frizz-free and moisturized…plus, it smells awesome!

    It was so nice to officially meet you Friday! We should hang out again soon! :)

  10. As a stylist and Assistant Salon Leader at Big Elk Hair Cuttery in Elkton, Maryland, this is awesome to see so many people seeking this. Hair Cuttery is an amazing business to work for. I love to make my clients feelgood about themselves and certainly hope to see you in our salon requesting me soon.

  11. MAKE ME A HAIR GIRL, my on the go is dove hair spray. its not much. but i sure need my doo redooed. its been along time since i had it done and im looking pretty over haired up. in fact my bangs are so long i cant see to much in front of me. i could cut them myself but they would be uneven like the rest of my hair is right now. Well here is hoping for a new cut! Thank you for the chance. @mcjunkie on twitter

  12. Make me a hair girl :) I would LOVE to win this, my hair is super easy to cut, I don’t really have a preference as to where I go! I usually go to the same lady for my blonde highlights, but I always am open to trying new places for my haircuts.

    PS Your haircut is GORGEOUS…but then again, you are so stunning, you could do anything with your hair and still look good. Seriously!!

    Thanks for hosting such a fun giveaway!

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