Weekend Chic: Simplicity

2013.2.3SimplicityFullOne of my favorite things about the group of bloggers I follow (check them out in my Links page), is that they are real women with fantastic senses of style that fit them – their lifestyle, their age, their locations. They keep it real. I like seeing their weekend outfits, stay at home outfits and even dressed up outfits because it’s real. With that in mind, I am introducing “Weekend Chic” – a weekend only series of ways to stay stylish on the weekends. Because trust me, I keep it real on the weekends, but still like a good outfit to go grocery shopping or thrifting.

2013.2.3SimplicityDetails2013.2.3SimplicityShoes2013.2.3SimplicityCloseWhat’s your weekend style? How do you keep it real?

Outfit details:

button down – J. Crew/ vest – Guess, thrifted / boots – Nine West / jeans – H&M / necklace – thrifted / ring – thrifted


4 thoughts on “Weekend Chic: Simplicity

  1. I love this outfit! (especially the vest) I don’t know if you remember me, but I was in the project style competition in florida and you gave me some tips :) You were wondering if I had a blog, and I didn’t have one at the time, but now I do!

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