Shopping Trip: B-Sides Thrift


If you follow me on instagram (chicstripes), then you saw this photo asking the internet world their opinions on this lace top. A few weeks ago, I popped into B-Sides Thrift, a locally owned thrift store where you can buy and sell clothing, to sell a few bags of clothes and came out on a trade with this top. Hanging above the counter, it had caught my eye immediately. At $25 it was steep for a 2nd hand purchase, but I had the power of a trade on my side as well as a very unique piece. It is a slightly short top and looks best when paired with high waisted bottoms. But no matter what it’s worn with, the allure of a navy lace top cannot be denied.


During the same trip, I stumbled on this green wool skirt (Padington brand I believe) with a price tag of $38 attached. This post may be less about what I bought and what I didn’t, but knowing when and where to spend your hard earned money. Exhibit B above could have easily been found at any thrift store with just a few hours of searching for most likely no more than $10, and more likely in the range of $3-5. Exhibit A (lace and navy) was still a pricey purchase, but weighting in a trade along with gaining a unique closet item sealed the deal.

How do you weigh your purchases, or are you an impulse shopper?


3 thoughts on “Shopping Trip: B-Sides Thrift

  1. I’ll definitely spend the money on what I know is a quality piece. We’re trying to do this more with furniture and decor too so we know it’ll last for years to come!

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