RVA Fashion Week, natch


Liz of I <3 Vegetables and VA is for Bloggers, Sydney, Larrissa of RVA Fashion Girl and RVA Fashion Bloggers Group, Brian of Dirty Richmond – pic thanks to Liz’s instagram feed!

A few weeks ago, the folks behind RVA Fashion Week sent out emails inviting Richmond fashion bloggers to an exclusive meet and greet and to unveil some exciting changes to RVA Fashion Week that would embrace and welcome the presence of bloggers. As a blogger, news of being able to get into RVA Fashion Week events free of charge or without having to meet certain press criteria that only established magazines can meet, was met with murmured excitement.

FaceTimeJimmyBuddFace time with Jimmy Budd, Executive Producer of RVA Fashion Week

The RVAFW team recognizes that some of their biggest supports are bloggers who are connected with their community and engaging on an individual level. As such, they’ve developed the RVA Fashion Week Badge for a select team of bloggers who will be posting frequently about RVA Fashion Week related events, whether it’s shopping, putting together outfits, or a post event write-up. The bloggers were chosen based on their content, connection with the Richmond community and of course fabulous fashion sense. I am honored to announce that I was chosen to be a representative of RVA Fashion Week as a badge holder and I hope you will join me (and the rest of the Badge holders) as we share our RVA Fashion Week adventures!


RVA Fashion Week Badged Blogger – Look for this badge on other blogger sites!

The other chosen bloggers are fabulous and represent a sense of Richmond community. Be sure to check out Fashion Junkies United, Mosaic Union (a hybrid Tennessee/Virginia blog), Gaptooth Diva, and Skirt Bouquet as a guest blogger!

Will I be seeing you out and about come April?

Disclosure: As an RVA Fashion Week Badge holder, I will be writing monthly blog posts for the RVA Fashion Week Blog.  As an RVA Fashion Week Badge holder, I will gain access to all related RVA Fashion Week events as well as receive credit on the RVA Fashion Week Website for my work related to the Badge. Any other blog posts, tweets or other social media content produced associated with events, socials, etc., which may contain specific materials that promote RVA Fashion Week, are produced on my own accord and not a stipulation of the badge.


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