Shopping Trip: Finicky Fox

FF2013.1.16AndrianoJeansThis past week I took another trip to Finicky Fox. My excuse for going were several items I had on consignment that needed to be picked up. Turns out, they are good for one more week which, of course, is going to mean another trip (the shame). Needless to say, I took a few minutes to browse around. I am currently on the hunt for jeans, tan boots, and a large black work bag. I found several pairs of paints this trip, but none that I loved. First up were these white jeans. My husband is a sucker for white jeans (I had an old pair that I bleached and he looooved them). I didn’t much like the fit or price of these, but figured I had to at least try.

FF2013.1.16AntikSince I am in the market for jeans and these looked to be good casual skinny ones, I gave them a whirl, but again, no go. I did rather like the look of them, but the fit was off.

FF2013.1.16JCrewI already have a pair of cropped black pants that I bought from Finicky Fox, but one can never have to many pairs of black pants. Unfortunately the waist band was about two inches too large and the fit through the rest of the pants would have required major tapering. And the last time I left my pants at the tailors (aka my mom), it was just over a year ago (love you mom).

FF2013.1.16SevenWho couldn’t resist trying on a pair of Seven jeans? I’ve heard a lot about them but wasn’t thrilled with these. They fit relatively well through the legs, but were too long and did nothing to flatter my shape. I guess I’ll just stick to my J. Brands.

FF2013.1.16ExtrasFinally I tried on a few things just for fun. I spotted this ruffled Black House White Market jacket on a prior trip, but felt at a size 6 it would be too big. Surprisingly it fit better than I expected, but wasn’t worth a purchase. My 2nd dressing room extra was this little Prada sweater that Chris from A Ring To It fell in love with through my Instagram photos (follow at chicstripes). I didn’t try it on, but it looks like it could be a fun layering piece.

Find anything fun on a recent 2nd hand shopping trip? Anything too small, too big, or just plain funky


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