Whats in my bag? (besides trash bits…)

JCrewBagJan2013I’m a relatively nosy person, not as in a gossip lover, but in I like to see inside other people’s houses, in their cars, how they decorate or what they have. Because of that, I felt it was high time I shared what is in my bag, my every day bag in all of it’s stuffed glory.

1. Make-up bag. I have a lot of bags/container in my bag. It helps keep me organized. This make up bag really contains a bit of girl products, powder, mirror, nail clippers, and lip glosses.

2Vera Bradley wallet. I got my first big girl wallet from my best friend a few years ago and I have worn it to death since. I am currently in the market for a new (well, 2nd hand, so new to me) model. If you have any recs, send em my way!

3. Post-its. Because you never know when you gotta take some notes.

4. Gum. I jumped on the Extra gum bandwagon thanks to my best friend. Although I do love a good Winter Mint Orbit.

5. Coupon holder. I’m not an extreme coupon clipper, but I do like to get my weekly savings in. This simple holder from the Dollar Store is the best way to divide them out into different categories (food, beauty, home).

6. Extra keys. This doesn’t include my actual key ring, this is just extra keys and those key tags that every store gives you.

7. Work badge. Because without I couldn’t get into my office.

8. iPhone. A very old version made pretty with a Jonathan Adler iPhone case.

9. Pens. And lots of them. Oh, and a Sharpie.

10. Blog business card holder. I got this adorable silver case from my piano teacher for a high school graduation gift and used it as my wallet until #2 replaced it. Now it holds blogging business cards, both mine and others.

11. Jewelry. Every now and then you’ll find some jewels in my bags, this time it’s a pair of earrings and a vintage ring.

12. Motrin. This usually stays in my pink make up bag, but for now it’s floating fancy free.

13. Lip glosses, hand sanitizer and nail polish. Again, these usually stay in my make up bag and why I have three nail polishes in my bag is beyond me.

14. Trash bits. Yep, here they are. Along with a church bulletin from about three weeks ago, a business card of a graphic designer, an old grocery list, Starbucks receipt and those little bitty trash bits.

15. Bag. J. Crew canvas travel bag, bought for $8 at Plato’s Closet and in dire need of a dry cleaning.

So that’s it. Anyone’s curiosity satisfied? It’s nice to see all my stuff laid out so neatly. Now if only they would stay that way inside my bag…


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