31 Day Style Challenge: Week 3


Day 13: sweater – thrifted, shoes – 2nd hand. Day 14 – sweater + necklace thrifted

I’ve wrapped up my third week of my style challenge and have come to the conclusion that most successful outfits are a hybrid things: retail, gifted, thrifted, or consigned and what tends to stand out most are that my staples (jeans, shoes) have been from retailers like Banana Republic or J. Crew and my “fun” pieces like oversizsed sweaters and big accessories have come from thrift stores. Now that I’ve slowly been working my way into consignment stores, I am attempting to find my basics 2nd hand as well.


Day 15: skirt – thrifted. Day 16 – striped top – thrifted

Day 15 is a riff from Day 9 and shows the need immediately for more big, swingy skirts. Not only are they the perfect “girly” piece, when combined with tougher accessories like boots or a chunky sweater, you can turn the look into something totally different. Day 16 was another more menswear type outfit that combines denim on denim, a blogger trend I had yet to delve into. I don’t particularly like the look myself, but when tempered with some stripes and chunky necklace, it works.

Week3Collage3Days1718Day 17 – vest – thrifted. Day 18 – sweater – thrifted, necklace + ring, 2nd hand from grandmother and mother

I’ve also noticed I have a tendency for photographing an outfit and then changing it up completely like I did with this leather and lace number from Day 10. When I stepped out in real life on Day 17, I had untucked the turtle neck and lost the belt. I think if I hadn’t been helping run a group at our local elementary school for work, I would have left the outfit as is, but again, felt I needed to have a little more..uh..backside coverage than what was afforded with a tucked in shirt. Day 18 is probably one of my favorite looks – undone with a little bit of sparkle. I love layers and have found it’s the best way to add interest to an outfit.

What style challenges have you tackled this week? In an outfit rut? Try thinking in layers this week and let me know how it goes!

Full outfit details:

Day 13: button down – J. Crew / sweater – thrifted / jeans – courtesy of MiH Jeans through a contest won with Five Five Fabulous / headband – Target / shoes – Silence and Noise from plato’s Closet

Day 14: long sleeve shirt – H&M / sweater – thrifted / jeans – Banana Republic / boots  – Atrex / necklace – thrifted

Day 15: shirt – J. Crew / sweater – GAP / skirt – thrifted / tights – Target / boots – BCBG Generation / earrings – Stella and Dot

Day 16: chambray top – Banana Republic / striped top – from Plato’s Closet / jeans – H&M / boots – Aldo / necklace – Target

Day 17: turtle neck – H&M / vest – thrifted / scarf- gifted from my best Friend / jeans – Banana Republic / boots – Atrex / belt – H&M

Day 18: button down – J. Crew / sweater – thrifted / jeans – Banana Republic / boots – Nine West / necklace + ring – vintage from my grandmother and mother


2 thoughts on “31 Day Style Challenge: Week 3

  1. Yes! accessories are fab at thrift stores, although I do want to end up buying my jeans, and other basic things from consignment (work out gear, undergarments, etc will stay retail :))

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