RVA Fashion Week Flash Backs


Photo by Kaytee Lauren 

About this time last year I got an exciting tweet from a friend who worked with DowntownShortPump.com at the time to help work on an event for RVA Fashion Week (RVA = Richmond, Virginia for ya’ll non RVAers, and yes, RVAers is a term). It was my first involvement with RVA Fashion Week and I truly enjoyed attending all of the behind the scenes events like model calls, fittings, and back stage prep. I took photos, wrote up events, came up with fun captions, and dragged my talented photographer friend into the mix to help document the goings-on. Well this year is no exception and with RVA Fashion Week in April, it’s practically right around the corner. Keep watching this space for all things RVA Fashion Week related, there are some fun things coming!

Will you be attending RVA Fashion Week? Are you a newbie or veteran? Do share!

Disclosure: As an RVA Fashion Week Badge holder, I will be writing weekly + monthly blog posts, creating tweets and other social media content and producing additional posts around associated events, socials, etc., which will contain specific marketing material that promote RVA Fashion Week.  As an RVA Fashion Week Badge holder, I will gain access to all related RVA Fashion Week events as well as receive credit on the RVA Fashion Week Website for my work related to the Badge.

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