Lights, Camera, Action!


Being a blogger of any kind can often bring around some interesting, crazy or just plain fun opportunities.  If you remember waaay back to this post, I attended a Virginia Bloggers lunch at the new Flames 231 here in Richmond. We had great pizza (and salad), good laughs, and made plenty of new friends. We also got to meet Eric, AJ and the team at The Fire Starter Group, the marketing brains behind the launch and publicizing of Flames 231. Talk about some creative guys because about a month later, they sent out an email requesting actors/actresses for a commercial they were going to shoot to further market Flames 231. Sounded like just plain fun to me, so I jumped right in. I mean, with a place that looks like this, how could I say no?


The actual commercial filming was a long process – I never knew how much time and effort when into setting up each shot, framing things just right, and how many retakes were necessary. Thank goodness they plied us with free pizza, pasta and mozzarella sticks (all beyond delicious). Another little trick to the trade? We filmed the very last scene in the commercial first, while the whole group was still present. It’s amazing what editing can do! Now that I’ve whetted your appetite for some live acting (ok, smiling, laughing, and eating), sit back and enjoy the featured presentation! Oh, and schedule your next date night here because the bread sticks are actually pizza crust, which for someone who always steals the pizza crust from her husband is bound to make her happy.

All photos courtesy of Flames 231 Facebook page. This was not a sponsored post, merely a favor for my friend AJ!


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