31 Day Style Challenge: Week 2


Day 7: top, belt, pants – all thrifted! / Day 8: pants – thrifted, shoes – consigned!

Self imposed style challenges can be difficult, but like any other type A perfectionist, I’ve decided to rise to to my challenge a little better than my efforts last week. I most impressed myself with Day 7 and Day 9 outfits – comprised of almost entirely 2nd hand items. I apologize for the repeat background, but it’s the easiest place to document outfits in the morning while staying warm.


Day 9: sweater, belt, skirt – all thrifted! / Day 10 – top, skirt (both from B-sides), and shoes – all 2nd hand!

I’ve realized now that even Day 10 meets my “cram as much 2nd hand clothes into one outfit as you can” rule but after we snapped this photo, I ended up throwing my hair into a high poof pony and adding a black blazer. It helped town down the overall effect of leather and lace and pulled the outfit more into “cool” territory than what’s seen here (that and I had a group at a local elementary school after an early work meeting, so desperately needed to not put off a sex type vibe, although looking back, should have just worn tights and boots).


Day 11 – pants, shoes – 2nd hand! / Day 12 – no 2nd hand items :( 

Day 11 saw some repeats in items and colors,but as I was attending an all day work meeting with individuals I had never met before, I needed to keep it relatively conservative. Day 12 was another lounge day (a trend that seems to be emerging) so I wore an old favorite T-shirt and my new MiH jeans I won thanks to Reem over at Five, Five, Fabulous. Overall challenge verdict? This week I managed to pull together some more interesting and fun outfits, incorporated more 2nd hand items, and need to work on taking better Saturday photos (aka, with me in them).

What 2nd hand items did you wear this week? Anyone else challenging themselves to a style revamp in January? Or any other challenge (health, beauty, shopping bans)? Do share!


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