Shopping Trip: Finicky Fox Hits and Misses Part 2


If you caught yesterday’s post, then you know I found some great pieces on my trip to Finicky Fox right before Christmas (UPDATES – the LBD is gone and the Cabi sweater is now half off!). I am a huge fan of trying things on in person and actually have a lot of anxiety about ordering things online. At the rate that stores change/alter their sizes, I feel I am justified and that you can identify with this! In light of that, I feel it is my duty to try on anything that could even remotely fit or be cute – whether it is a few sizes up or down from what I normally wear. These gray Banana Republic trousers looked super fun on the rack. I could see them with some great booties and a button down or oversized knit for a day running errands but they were literally falling off of me and hit at ankle length, not capri length.

2012.12.17-FFGCollageI recently sold a pair of GAP bell bottom jeans to B-Sides that were a comparable size and fit so-so. These, not so much. Again, falling off and weird length on me. They might be a good option for someone looking for a boyfriend fit though (UPDATE – these are still at Finicky Fox as of Wednesday 1/9/13).

2012.12.17-FFHCollageThe only thing I could think of when I saw this on the rack was – cute! Trying it on, it could stand to fit a little more snug and the arms were way too long. It was also way more than I would pay for a cardigan. Now that I am writing this, I’ve realized I almost never wear cardigans anymore. I prefer blazers or adding layers through light jackets.

2012.12.17-FFJCcollageWorst try on of the day! I loved these J. Crew matchstick jeans immediately and actually loved the fit through my waist and hips, but when it got down to the feet, it just all fell apart. The jeans were ok with heels, but when barefoot, the length feel between full length and cropped and just felt awkward. Ultimately they went back on the racks (UPDATE – as of Wednesday 1/9/13, they are still at Finicky Fox).

2012.12.17-FFJCRufflesCollageLast but not least was this very lovely top from J. Crew. It was, as I expected, too big for my frame, but I couldn’t resist trying it on. The pairing of the blue sweater with black tuxedo like ruffles and buttons is my idea of a good time. But just not worth the $34 price tag for a top that didn’t fit.

All in all, my misses aren’t too bad (thrift store misses are much more funny given the wide range of styles/years that can be found), just not right for me or my body type. I am slowly learning to think about my purchases, consider how they will fit into my wardrobe, if they are an investment worthy piece, and if I actually need it. While my LBD is gone, I’m not devastated over the loss and actually am glad I am not now stuck with a piece that ultimately had fit issues, whereas before I probably would have purchased it on impulse, worn it once, and then tried to consign it somewhere else.

Anyone ever purchase what you think was a hit at the time, only to later discover it was really a miss?

2 thoughts on “Shopping Trip: Finicky Fox Hits and Misses Part 2

  1. I have a problem of buying things on sale because the price is so great only to actually realize they don’t fit quite right…it is something I am working on…I can’t resist a deal!

  2. That is SO me. I would buy things on 75% clearance at Target just because I could get a $40 top for $5, and would then never wear it. I’m trying hard to focus my dollars on quality pieces that I will actually wear, even if they are a bit more than super clearance.

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