Shopping Trip: Finicky Fox Hits and Misses Part 1

2012.12.17-FFJBCollageBefore Christmas I ran into Finicky Fox, my current all time favorite consignment store, to check on some items I left and of course browse the racks. I ended up in the dressing room with about 9 different items that ranged from something I just wanted to try, to some really great finds. The first up was these dark jeans by J. Brand. Now, if you know me, or happen to be my best friend or husband, then you will know I have had two pairs of H&M “good” jeans that I’ve kept on rotate since purchasing them when I moved to Richmond. In 2007. In other words, I’ve had two pairs of the same “good” jeans for over 5 years now. It was highly time for an upgrade, but the jean search is a hard one. I wanted quality jeans that fit well without paying retail prices of brands like Paige or J. Brand. Enter Finicky Fox! I found these, already a good price at $42, but the week of my visit they were an extra 25% off. The waist fits perfectly as does the length and through the hips (finding jeans that fit my waist + hips is a dream!).

2012.12.17-FFMNYCollageI actually tried this dress on last, having grabbed it because I thought it said Marc by Marc Jacobs. Despite this being Marc New York (had to Google it, and yes it’s a real line), I loved it. Perfect length, great details, I could see it dressed up or down and it has pockets! What’s not to love? For me, it was the $64 price tag (the week I went it was still full price). It’s been a few weeks now since this visit and while I still love the dress, I don’t think I would purchase it until it goes down to 75% off (if it’s still in the store by then). I’m not currently looking for a black dress and there were some weird fit issues with the cap sleeves such as bulging/bagging between my arm pit and arm. Not flattering in that area.

2012.12.17-FFCCollageAnother sweater I tried on more for fun than anything. I liked it, but couldn’t picture myself wearing it on a regular enough basis to warrant a purchase. For anyone that likes classic looks though, this would be a steal! Picture it styled with a sleek bun, black turtleneck, skinny jeans and high heeled boots – super chic.


By far my favorite purchase (besides the beloved jeans), was this sweater. I picked it up quite honestly because it looked like something Olivia Pope would wear – it has a huge collar, is made of super thick material, wide cuffs and a zipper. I’m not sure Olivia would rock a bright green sweater, but I knew it would fill both a color and sweater gap in my current wardrobe. I did buy this full price, however, I was able to redeem a $24 consigned credit at the register which helped me justify the price tag (plus jeans purchase). I could have chosen to come back the very next day as Thursdays are the days mark downs go into effect and this would have been 25% off, a much more attractive price, however, factoring in a 45 minute round trip drive time, I figured I would just go ahead and spend the extra $7.

Not every consignment trip ends in purchases or even try-ons that result in a flattering fit. Check back tomorrow for Part 2 of this shopping trip, it contains all of the misses (think too big wool capris!).

Have you done any consignment shopping lately? What have been your best hits or misses?


4 thoughts on “Shopping Trip: Finicky Fox Hits and Misses Part 1

  1. Thanks! It’s pure luck with consignment/thrift, but that makes the finds all the better. Finicky Fox consistently has a great selection of jeans: J. Brand, J. Crew, BR and 7 are some of the ones I’ve seen.

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