2012: The Year According to Clothes


As 2012 comes to a close, what better way to look back than through outfits?  While there are certainly more than 12, each can point to a fun memory or way of dressing.  Enjoy the stroll through 2012 and stay tuned for how you can shake up your wardrobe each year come January!

January –  I just started a new job in December and this was my first full month.  I tried to keep my outfits rather tame while still allowing my own sense of self to shine through.  This is probably my favorite way to dress: jeans, dressed up top and flashy jewelry.

February – What marks Feb. other than the much anticipated Jason Wu for Target collab??  Well, maybe the fact that I stalked three girls in my local store waiting for them to put down the bag I had my eye on; calling every target within a 30 mile radius when they didn’t relinquish the bag; and finally coercing my husband to drive thirty minutes each way to a Target that did have the bag.  Success!

March – The month that I thrifted three black blazers and a Dooney and Bourke at one of my favorite thrift stores of all time.


The summer months were some of my favorite this year.  Our whole family enjoyed  a trip to St. John (posts 1, 2, 3, and 4) and I donned a lot of dresses, silky fabrics and the trend of the summer: woven material and bright neon.

April – This was the month of the mint trend (remember that?).  Despite an otherwise lovely Easter outfit, I adorned my nails in a mint nail polish, chunky wood jewelry and a thrifted woven clutch (the other hot trend).

May – Loving all things sheer in attempts to stay cool on hot days, I donned these lovely polka dot pants that I thrifted.  I wore them out to brunch with my husband one morning only to discover they were just a tad  too sheer and completely see through.  Yikes.

June – I will always remember this as the month that I purchased a new pair of gladiator sandals.  After wearing the same three pairs (from Target, Plato’s and thrifted no less) for more than 2 years, my husband finally convinced me to make a little splurge.  I think after this, I will purchase a new pair each summer!


Fall brought with it a renewed love for all things thrifted and consigned.  August found me wearing my Salvatore Ferragamo’s from Baggio’s more than once (more like 2-3x per week) as well as the most perfect black leather skirt and finally purchasing a chambray top.

July – July was the month of our family vacation and while I was gone for a week, I managed to produce a good amount of outfits that included all of my favorite things: stripes, sequins and bright thrifted jewelry.

August – In August I experimented with casual business attire, finding multiple ways to wear my first pair of designer shoes.

September – My husband and I became homeowners!  And I mourned the lack of my former walk-in closet and embarked on a way to fit all of our clothes amongst our teensy tiny 1950s closets.


Last but not least, the last few months of the year may have been my favorite for donning vintage inspired looks.  Anything high waisted, thrifted, or blazered found its way to my wardrobe and daily attire.  Let’s just say, plaid, stripes and chevron were my all time favorites (and all thrifted no less!)

October – October can sometimes be a difficult month as it is the month that my dad passed away (two years ago this year), but this time was a little different.  While he is no less with me and in my memories (I mean, who can forget his massive sea shell/fossil/mineral/arrowhead collection or his nearly 50 Hawaiian shirts), the pain was a little less this year.

November – November can be an odd month – not quite fall, not quite winter, but nonetheless, it was a good month.  I enjoyed most of all focusing my shopping efforts of consigning and thrifting, finding a few new treasures to be shared in 2013!

December – This month is almost over, but I have loved most of it.  I have spent a lot of time with some new friends, arranged a first ever family photo shoot, and had time off to read, relax and drink a lot of coffee.

Thank you so much for stopping in, reading and commenting this past year.  I have met so many truly talented and creative people in Richmond, made some new friends, become a part of a great group of bloggers (Virginia IS for bloggers!) and am looking forward to an even better year in 2013 !


2 thoughts on “2012: The Year According to Clothes

  1. So glad I got to meet you and read your blog in 2012! I am looking forward to following your thrifting adventures in 2013..and most definitely meeting for cocktails… :)

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