Shopping Trip: Finnicky Fox

My best friend always asks me how the blog is going and this past week I confessed that while I am loving the direction chicstripes is going (a mission to shop 2nd hand 1st in 2013), I realized I actually have to go to places and try things on!  Not that I hate shopping by any means, but it’s often quite the ordeal, not to mention when do I have time to leisurely just try on clothes??  These photos are from a few weeks ago, but I am seeing that trying on, taking photos and then reviewing them later is a great way to really evaluate purchases based on their quality, worth and if I really still want that piece that I thought I fell in love with in the store.

2012.11.20FFBRTEXT I grabbed this Banana Republic sweater from the rack because I have one very similar that is a great work piece and quite comfy.  However, and as my face clearly shows, this is just a so-so sweater.  I am not a fan of the very scooped neckline, preferring something either v-neck or higher (much better to pair with chunky necklaces).  Overall if this sweater came down to half off, I would pick it up as a solid work and casual wear piece as it is great quality, but it doesn’t currently fit any holes in my wardrobe.

2012.11.20FFSweaterTEXTI loved this sweater with a capital L the moment I laid eyes on it and tried on the super soft and open weave top.  I was not in love, however, with the price tag and made a mental note to check back later as I thought this would be a good piece to replace the old thrifted white sweater I currently own (very thrifted, full of picks, needs to be replaced badly).  Two weeks removed though, I am not sure this is the right sweater.  I am not a fan of the baggy sleeves and it would really only be a casual wear, definitely not work wear and not work casual wear at $38.  The quest for a white/cream winter sweater continues.

2012.11.20FFTTTEXTAnother love at first sight top that I knew would be too large but couldn’t resist trying it on anyway in case one of you were interested.  For $68, this Trina Turk top is a steal and the details are amazing – beaded gold collar and an open high square back.  From the first photo it looks like a good fit, but you can see easily from the second that it would take extensive alterations to make it fitted.  Since I went on this shopping trip before Thanksgiving, if this top is still here it has probably hit its first mark down period.  If anyone scoops it up, send me pictures!

Have you been shopping recently?  Made any purchases you later wish you held out on?  Are you liking these shopping trip posts/reviews?  I hope they’re helpful and showcase the variety and quality of items that can be had with a little bit of work from shopping consignment and 2nd hand stores!  Happy weekend!


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