Midweek Chic: Same Jacket, Different Outfit

2012.12.2SameDifferentDownFor 2013, I’ve made a (not official yet) pledge to shop 2nd hand first.  I have always been a thrifter, but a conscious effort to shop for all items 2nd hand has never crossed my mind.  Since deciding I would pursue this shopping method, I’ve still been stalking clearance racks in stores like Target and H&M, but the mass produced and often visibly cheap quality has made it hard to even consider taking home that $10 top.  My first unofficial 2nd hand first piece is this Kenneth Cole jacket, seen here and in Monday’s post and I am already loving its versatility and CPW (cost per wear) is about $15, not bad for a fully lined wool jacket with military details.

2012.12.2SameDifferentFace2012.12.2SameDifferentFront2012.12.2SameDifferentsideIf you really take note, you’ll see this is the exact same jacket and top from Monday’s post with just a swap of a few items to transition it into a day look – perfect for waiting in line to get my Young House Love book signed!  How do you transition a few key pieces into multiple outfit looks?

Outfit details:

top – H&M / jacket – Kenneth Cole via Finnicky Fox / jeans – H&M / boots – Aldo / bag – J. Crew via Plato’s Closet / scarf – purchased in NYC / earrings and ring – my mother


One thought on “Midweek Chic: Same Jacket, Different Outfit

  1. I have four pieces (2 black skirts, 1 black dress, one black cardigan) that I use as a base for almost all of my outfits. I plan accessories and everything else around those. I really need to add some more pieces to my list of essentials, preferably something not black!

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