Shopping Trip: The Hall Tree

The Hall Tree is another consignment store in Richmond, but it is probably the most iconic being located in Carytown (near Ellwoods for the locals) and long standing.  They’ve long been synonymous with affordable yet  stylish and often high-end pieces.  On the few occasions I’ve been in The Hall Tree, I’ve seen everything from a pair of Prada shoes to a lacey Forever 21 top, a variety that is a distinguishable feature among consignment stores.  While stores like Finnicky Fox don’t accept brands such as Old Navy and H&M, The Hall Tree appears to be less picky as long as the items are in great condition.  The Hall Tree is also a great place to find very unique items like the fox fur vest that I saw hanging in the window a few years ago.  As a young, newlywed living the poor life, the $80 it would have cost was too much for me at the time, but I will always remember this vest (if anyone living in Richmond happened to purchase this beauty, consider yourself lucky!), to the shame of PETA I am sure, for it’s beautiful color, soft feel and perfect Rachel Zoe-esque look.  But I digress… on to the shopping!

I roamed the store for a while before I came across this velvet and sheer trimmed dress from Banana Republic.  Thinking it would be a great holiday dress I snagged it.  In the dressing room, I loved the fabric and details and even the slightly boxy fit, but for a price of $38, it was too steep to take home when it wasn’t even a piece I needed.

Next up were a pair of Joe’s Jeans I excitedly grabbed off the racks.  There were several pairs of these and while I wasn’t really looking to purchase anything today, I wanted to try on a pair of these legends.  The jeans are labeled X-small and the tag reads a size 24.  I’ve learned over the years to not put too much weight on tags or sizing as I own jeans that range from a size 26P, ooP, 2P,0R, etc which all fit my body, it is just the brands and years in which the item was made that differs.  While I really did like the fit of these jeans, they were a bit snug (but something I could have dealt with) but more than a bit too long.  Here I am balanced on my tip toes and the hem is still dragging!

Last I tried on these thick leggings/pants that I found on the racks.  Never heard of the brand, but I liked the front piping and zipper details, plus the fact that they were a very thick material.  I am not a fan of the leggings as pants trick (or even leggings under tunics), but thought a super thick pair might mimic very tight, dense black pants.  Unfortunately, the fit of these was too wide in the hips and the zipper detailing stuck out at odd angles.

While I didn’t purchase anything on this trip, it was a great lesson in getting to know better the brands and styles of what The Hall Tree carries.  And knowing that there is someone who drops of Joe’s Jeans in close to my size is all the more excuse to head back there in the near future!  Have you ever been to The Hall Tree?


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