Monday Chic: Festive Flats

Happy Monday all – I trust your Thanksgiving was filled with family, food and even the unconventional Black Friday purchase.  While the holiday weekend has come and gone I am still wearing these festive flats that I broke out for Thanksgiving.  After reading a tweet from Nina Garcia that said even she sticks with flats for this cooking holiday, I figured why not?  No need to suffer for 8 plus hours in my Stuart Weitzman’s when I could be comfy in red velvet flats with elaborate pompoms.

How was your Thanksgiving?  Was it cold enough to pull out a hat?  Oddly enough, it was actually relatively warm here in VA and the hat and coat were overkill but once I don a hat, it stays on until bed due to the dreaded hat hair and the fact that my head would then realize just how cold it was without said hat.  I’m a little hat averse, but I love the French look of this one!

Outfit details:

Sweater – Banana Republic / tank – H&M / cropped pants – Ann Taylor via Finnicky Fox / flats – unknown via Plato’s Closet / jacket – H&M / hat – Urban Outfitters / earrings – from a St. Louis boutique / cocktail ring – Fredericksburg, VA outlet mall purchase


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