Midweek Chic: Layered Uniform

This week has been the first week so far that I’ve really felt like it was the holiday/Christmas season.  Maybe it is because Thanksgiving is tomorrow (!) or because the leaves are still golden but mostly fallen off the trees or maybe it is just because the air is staying consistently cold.  Regardless of the reason, I am looking forward to the holidays this year in our new home.  We may or may not decorate (a lot) as we’ve talked about staying away from the commercial side of holidays, but I’ve already been planning the Christmas presents to buy (it’s my love language, I can’t help it!) and making holiday treats like hard candies that we made as kids.

Through all of the planning and hubbub, you can be almost sure I’ll be in one of my typical layered uniforms – jeans, boots, top, scarf, jacket.  4-5 easy steps and outfits are done and I’m ready to tackle almost anything holiday related.  Including making three trips to the store, buying a meat thermometer instead of a candy thermometer (yes there is a difference I learned) and trying to track down flavored candy oils (it’s harder than it may seem.  Ps – for Ricmonders, go to For the Love of Chocolate!).

Friday I’ll be headed to my mom’s house for our annual ginger bread house and tree decorating tradition.  In my family, my oldest youngest sister always wins for beauty and a well put together house, my brother wins for uniqueness and my youngest sister and I fall somewhere in between, usually for eating more than decorating.  Do you have any holiday traditions that kick off on our around Thanksgiving?  I would love to know as I am trying to build my own family traditions this year.  So far it includes making and gifiting hard candies (cinnamon, spearmint and lemon) and wassil on Thanksgiving morning.  Let me in on your traditions!

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Outfit details:

3/4th length top – Guess outlet / silk tank – thrifted / jeans – H&M / boots – Atrex / scarf – purchased at 2011 Festival of India / white pea coat – H&M / grey jacket – Old Navy / earrings – Stella and Dot


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