Shopping Trip: Stuart Weitzman

If you follow me on instagram (chicstripes) then you may have seen this teaser shot.  As a fashion blogger it should come as no surprise that I like well-made, quality pieces.  It should also come as no surprise that more often than not, those quality pieces are designer pieces that come with a high price tag.  Paying retail prices is incredibly hard for me – mostly because I just enjoy a good deal, but also because, well, designer retail prices are not in my budget.  Enter: Baggio Consignment.

I’ve raved about Baggio over and over again and I can’t speak highly enough about the store, owner and employees.   Norma has established excellent customer service and this post today is to give you a few tips and tricks on making the most out of your designer purchases from consignment/thrift stores.  Tip #1:  Shop frequently and often!  I can’t stress this enough.  This doesn’t mean buy often, but it does mean to get yourself to your favorite stores and look around.  Even if it’s a 10 minute browse while running other errands this will keep you up to date on the current stock in the store, what price points are, and when you can expect markdowns.

  Tip #2: Know what is in your wardrobe.  Know also what holes you need to fill.  For example: do you need a classic pair of black pumps?  Do you need a khaki trench coat?  Know what you need so that your scouting trips (and hopefully eventual purchasing trips) won’t go to waste.   Tip #3: Just ask!  I had spied these Stuart Weitzman pumps several months ago when I did an interview with Norma and fell in love.  Yes, they are slightly worn, but they are of great quality and with some love and care they could be looking like new in no time.  I happened to wander in Baggio a few weeks ago and saw them still sitting on the shelf.  Priced at $120, they were reasonable, but still just not at a price I wanted to spend.  I knew I could potentially get a better deal.  After thinking over them for a little over a week, I knew they met my purchasing criteria along with my third rule: If You Still Think About Them, Buy Them.  I made a call to ask when they would be marked down to 30% off.  The sales person was able to give me 15% off that day.  So off I went, thrilled with a savings of about $35 AND able to fill the current black pump hole in my wardrobe.

Tip #4: Be talkative.  Now, how is this going to get you a good deal?  Most usually it won’t, but in certain situations it can come in very handy (of course only after you’ve followed Tip #1).  As I was trying on the shoes, I made a casual comment that I was surprised they were still here as I had seem them several months ago.  I honestly was not trying to get a deal or call into question their mark downs, I was more than happy with my 15% off, but the sales woman thought for a moment and then let me know that she could give them to me for the full 30% off as they had been here for a while.  Seriously?  And all I did was talk while trying them on?  Awesome!

Here they are!  Still needing some polish and love, but ready to fill my wardrobe hole

Last but not least, Tip #5: Make nice and be friendly.  If you are following all of my other tips, you will be in your stores a lot.  No one likes a snobby customer, much less one looking for a deal on already discounted items.  But if you are friendly, talkative and genuinely interested in those that work there, they will look out for you.  They will call you when things come in that are your size or when they happen to get something that is on your wish list.

So that’s it – in 5 easy tips you can start to add quality pieces to your wardrobe at affordable prices.  How do you shop consignment stores and will you be doing so this weekend?  If so, please let me know what you got (or what you will be waiting on for markdowns!).

Photos from iphone – I apologize for the quality, it was a spur of the moment trip!


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