Monday Chic: Weekend Wear

Simply put, I like comfy clothes.  Yes, I love my heels and my sequins, fitted blazers and leather skirts, but at the end of the day I go for oversized knits, leggings for lounging, comfy jeans and a big button down.  This is my definition of casual chic.  At times I have a hard time reconciling with other fashion bloggers who relax in dresses hand stitched with glittered beads and knee high boots, because let’s be real – that can’t be all that relaxing.  I tried valiantly to “bloggerize” this outfit with variations of knit sweaters,, chunky jewelry, boots, and/or skinny jeans.  I even managed to throw a striped sweater over top that much to my dismay was just too small.  As my husband helped yank it off over my head he informed me I shouldn’t go around wearing “baby sweaters” to which I fiercely retorted, “it’s vintage!” because we all know vintage is the perfect excuse for off-sized clothing.

At the end of the day I stuck with my oversized button down, tried and true jeans, signature studs and scuffed up boots.  Perfectly comfy, perfectly casual.  Chic and me.  What is your go to weekend wear?  How do you differentiate your fun clothes from comfy ones or are they one and the same?  Do share!

Outfit details:

button down – J. Crew / vest – thrifted / jeans – H&M / boots – Fergalicious / earrings – Forever 21 / bag – J. Crew via Plato’s Closet 


2 thoughts on “Monday Chic: Weekend Wear

  1. You look adorable! I love this outfit and think this it is absolutely comfy chic. I have a friend who does hair tutorials and admitted that half the looks get brushed out into a pony tail before she goes to work. Same concept, you can’t always “wear” the look that photographs well on a fashion blog. Thanks for keeping it real!

  2. Thanks for such a sweet comment! One of the reasons I’ve gotten tired to fashion blogs is that I find them so… not realistic! At least not realistic for half of the population. So the trick is how to look chic while still wearing something totally appropriate for real life, running errands, or doing something like going to Lowes because let’s face it, heels and a Burberry trench are just going to seem off in aisles filled with screws.

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