Flames 231 Bloggers Meet-Up: A Recap

Photos from left to right: Kaytee-Lauren, Fashion Junkie’s United, Kaytee-Lauren, VA is for Bloggers

While this may look like your average group of friends out for a bite to eat of delicious wood stove cooked pizza (ok and pasta, salad, hummus and pita!), what you don’t see are the hundreds (ok more like 15) cameras and iphones documenting every move, tweeting every funny quote and making sure there are enough pictures of food to last a life time.  In other words, a very fun bloggers meet-up!

Clockwise from left: KayteeAshley & JeriLizConorJonnaValerieEricEllen

AnnCarrie,GabbySarahKateShannonBrian and Sydney

Photo from VA is for Bloggers

Liz, from i heart veggies and 4th from left in the above picture, is one of the master minds of these events and co-author of VA is for Bloggers – an ever growing list of bloggers right here in Virginia.  The amazing thing about this list and all of our meet ups is the variety in age, interests, blog type (we had everything from fashion, cooking, healthy eating, lifestyle and dogs at this event) and gender of the bloggers.  And even more amazing?  No blogger cat fights!

Photo by chicstripes – follow on instagram!

Flames 231 is a newish spot in Richmond that features amazing pizza and is being represented by The Firestarter Group, an ad agency that seems to have their hands in a little bit of everything included Richmond Fashion Week.  Above is AJ, front and center documenting the event in true blogger form.

Me and Kaytee – photo by Brian with Kaytee’s camera

I say this after every blogger event – but seriously, it was the most fun!  I met a fellow soul sister from the Tobacco Company (trust me, once you work there, you always have special place for the TC in your heart), Shannon, who writes a very witty blog on dining and cocktailing in Richmond, caught up with Brian who is living the dream making up events for Ledbury, and Ellen whose smile is contagious!  I can’t wait to do it again and see who else Liz has convinced to start a blog or is from Capital One is joining in on the fun!

For a list of other recaps, check out these other great blogs:

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Kaytee from Kaytee Lauren

Ashley & Jeri from Fashion Junkies United

Photos all courtesy of their owners – Kaytee-Lauren, VA is for Bloggers, Fashion Junkies United and Chicstripes



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