Monday Chic: New Neutrals

Neutrals are my favorite color palette – I could wear a variety of blacks, browns, and creams every day.  There is just something so simple and refreshingly chic about these colors, especially when combined.  I am slowly gravitating towards more colored neutrals as they bring just a little bit of edge to a straight look.  I thrifted this oxblood (also known as maroon) blazer at the Bargain Box, a well known thrift store to those living in the 757 that encompasses everything good about thrifting down to the little old ladies that run the BB on a volunteer basis, the severely limited hours making it impossible to really ever shop there and a firm pricing system that means nothing is over $2.  I thrifted this blazer over ten years ago (that’s a painful sentence to write, but good to know my skills successfully scored a very on-trend item for today) and it is still one of my most cherished closet items and has solidly worked its way into my neutral rotation.

What is your favorite neutral to work with?  Are you one of those “leopard IS a neutral” girls or are you a strict black and white person?  I am slowly working to include more colors as neutrals, sticking with jewel tones such as mustard, green and plum.  They are fun, unexpected and cheap if I stick with the Bargain Box.

Outfit details:

tank – Old Navy via Plato’s closet / 3/4th length shirt – Guess / jeans – H&M / boys blazer – thrifted / ankle boots – Vince Camuto / earrings – Stella and Dot / scarf – Ava Love


2 thoughts on “Monday Chic: New Neutrals

  1. I was more daunted by the fact that I’ve actually had a piece of clothing that I can mark back to getting in high school that I still love and wear. :-P But yes, I have a tendency to hang on to things. Think of cost per wear – I’m actually probably paying myself now every time I wear it!

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