Midweek Chic: A Guest

My two sisters are two of the most gorgeous girls on this earth (no seriously) and are funny AND stylish as well.  Sisters are great for a few things, but one of the most important is the ability to steal their clothes.  Growing up we often stole each other’s clothes on the sly only to find out someone had stretched, lost or broken something which resulted in many arguments.  We are much more civilized about the sharing process now, but it usually comes from who is cleaning out their closet and giving away what.

This is Hannah – the youngest and tallest of us all.  She even almost rivals our brother in the height category.  Needless to say, she has model genes with the long legs, longer blonde hair and an always ready camera smile.  Just like her older two sisters, she loves thriting and is on the hunt for a bargain, as evidenced by the fact that her leggings were “$20 from Target, but they have a stretch band and great details, so it was worth the splurge.”  Her style is trendy and cute and she always manages to find the best pieces from Target and Forever 21.  Do you have a younger sibling or know a younger girl that has fantastic style?

Outfit details:

top – T. J. Max/ leggings – Target / boots – T. J. Maxx / belt – / jewelry – vintage from our mom


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