Monday Chic: Blues

Now that cooler weather has set in, it’s time to delve into my collection of scarves.  I have them neatly separated into spring and falls piles with the lighter into spring and heavier, cozier ones into fall.  I’m experimenting with new ways to tie them, this being a current favorite.

Step 1: Start with scarf draped around the back of your neck with the ends falling loose on each sides.

Step 2: Pull one end of the scarf so that the ends are off center.

Step 3: Loop the long end of the scarf around your neck once and adjust so that there is one main loop falling in front and two shorter ends on each side.

Step 4: Take each end and bring it up and over and then under the main loop.

Step 5: Adjust so that the ends fall freely (and that the knot is not choking you) and you’re set!

Do you have any new or fun ways to drape a scarf?  Do share!

Outfit details:

top – Target / jeans – Banana Republic / scarf – pashmina from Milan / ankle boots – Vince Camuto / bracelet – Odette Cuff Stella and Dot / earrings – Soiree Studs Stella and Dot / nails – OPI


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