Friday Chic: Black, White and Coral

Fashion, much like art, can be a process that starts with construction.  In putting together outfits, I tend to start with the basis of one piece and work upwards (or downwards or outwards!) from there.  My starting point was this poofy graphic detailed skirt, something dressy but easy to wear for a work conference.  A blazer is my typical go to all things work related but I also wanted to add texture and color.  All too often I will go for easy in my outfits and could have done that here with a black, fitted T or tank, perfectly fine, but also (let’s be honest) perfectly dull.  Out came a coral top, a few dark grey jewels and I was set for the day.

My only minor misstep?  My beloved Salvatore Ferragamo heels.  Perfectly fine, but I wish I had added a little more edge to the outfit and strongly considered this pair, but erred on the side of caution and stuck with something conservative.  Turns out I would have fit right in as I saw everything from a girl with a coral blazer and brown lace up pumps to a woman with a long black maxi dress, floral scarf and leather motorcycle jacket.  Each looked perfectly chic and appropriate   Lesson learned: going with your instincts will most likely never lead you wrong and you will still be well dressed (and much more confident).

Have you ever had a fashion misstep that looked fine but could have been better with one or two little tweaks?

Outfit details:

top – Banana Republic / skirt – H&M via Rumor’s / blazer – Forever 21 / necklace – Target / earrings – too old to remember / watch – thrifted / pumps – Salvatore Ferragamo via Baggio


2 thoughts on “Friday Chic: Black, White and Coral

  1. Maybe not a misstep – but a small improvement! THanks for reading! I got the skirt at a small thrift boutique for $10. It’s technically several sizes too big, but makes for a great poofy skirt!

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