“Wear Your Pretty Things!”- An Interview with Baggio

1. The classic red sole

After a few rounds of emails and planning, I was finally back in the store where I had previously fawned over a gorgeous Alexander McQueen skirt and Prada heels.  I wasn’t back to shop, but rather to interview Normal, the petite and exquisitely dressed (think stretch skirt, heels, flowy top, to die for accessories and her trademarked sunglasses) owner of Baggio Consignment.

1. Blazers. 2. Store. 3. Belts. 4. Hermes. 

I was privileged to interview Norma for an article that is up now on Downtown Short Pump, but I couldn’t resist not sharing all of the other photos and antidotes I had from our over and hour-long interview (and by interview I mean playing dress up and fawning over clothes).  Plus when you try on a Jason Wu blue fur coat it must be shared.

1. Textures. 2. Jason Wu.  Blue fur.  Enough said.  3. Back wall mirror with runway collections. 4. Glasses. 5. Studded boots.

1. Norma

Norma is an absolute DREAM.  And by dream I mean complete inspiration.  Her knowledge of fashion (both U.S. and abroad) is evidence of her 30 plus years in the fashion industry, working for stores such as Copelands and with individual clients.  Her eye for detail is impeccable.  While there, she had showcased a vintage Valentino jacket – navy with white polka dots and a peplum.  A vintage twist on the modern-day trend.  Her store, in fact the very name, was born out of her love of the very best.  She has always loved designer items and believes every woman should own beautiful things (I heartily conquer!) – but NOT at retail price (Oh do I ever conquer!).  And so the consignment store was born.  As far as the name?  After her beagle, Baggio – who was named after a European soccer star.  And as far as she is concerned, the best of everything is always European.

1. Becoming a must-take shot at my interviews – self-portrait in a mirror. 2. Lovely scarves 3. The work station.  Water out of wine glasses brings drinking 8 cups to a whole new level. 4. Amazing jewels. 

My complete interview (exclusive at that!) is below.  Enjoy!


  1. Owner name: Norma Santamaria
  2. Boutique or store name: Baggio
  3. How did you choose the name of your store? My name of dog
  4. When did your store open/how long has it been in Richmond? 2002 à 10 years
  5. What is your background?  Have you always been in fashion? Yes, for over 30 years
  6. What items or pieces do you look for when generally stocking your store?  What brands/designers do you look for? The very best. Too many to mention.  Should I say Alexander McQueen?
  7. What are your go-to stores to shop for your own style (feel free to include both local and corporate stores/designers!)   SAKS, Roan, Barney’s, Bergdorfs and Neiman Marcus
  8. How have you seen fashion (globally, nationally and/or locally) change since being in this industry and running your store?  Trends come and go, but we usually stick with the colors and shapes that flatter us.  The best way to follow trends/update a wardrobe is with accessories. 
  9. What pieces do you have in store right now that women need to update their summer wardrobes? Cashmere, exquisite leather, handbags, print and books
  10. Do you encourage window shopping?  If yes/no, why?  Why not?  It’s fun and sometimes how you find your favorite pieces.
  11. Many women love designer clothes, but the price tags can force them out of someone’s budget.  At Baggio, women can find great pieces much lower than retail value however, these pieces can still be pricey.  What would be your one recommendation for a “starter” designer piece for a woman looking to expand her designer closet? Shoes and/or a bag.
  12. Using a short paragraph (2-3 sentences) describe your store’s vibe and clientele without using the following words (think of this as Fashion Taboo): trendy, classy, consignment, value, fashion, expensive, taste.    We want our clientele to have a fun experience trying all the very best in clothes, bags and accessories at prices they can afford.  Who doesn’t want to save?  Our clientele is multigenerational and diverse and always enthusiastic about shopping with us. 

Choose Either Or:

  • Heels or flats?
  • Dresses or jeans?
  • Coffee or energy drink?
  • Tote or clutch?
  • Frozen yogurt or gelato?
  • Floppy hat or structured fedora?

Last Word:

If you could close this interview with one word, saying, quote or inspiration, what would it be?

Celebrate your womanhood!!! (Wear your pretty things, be feminine!)

Be sure to add a stop to Baggio Consignment to your weekend plans.  I guarantee you won’t leave disappointed.

All images copyrighted to ChicStripes


3 thoughts on ““Wear Your Pretty Things!”- An Interview with Baggio

  1. This place is AMAZING! Seriously – I go when I know I do have money to spend, but if you wait util items are 50 or 70% off you can get Prada, Chanel Salvatore Ferragamo for amazing deals.

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