Updates: read all about ’em!

Left to right, top to bottom: standing in our (nearly) empty apartment – goodbye striped walls! / Catman quickly found his perch in the new home /  a super sweet house warming present from my in-laws: wine, cheese, crackers and sweet treats packed into hubby’s childhood toy / images from the South of the James farmer’s market – colorful peppers and equally colorful and quirky note cards. 

In the past week I have: moved from the West End to the Southside (in Richmond, this is like moving from Manhattan to the Bronx, only with cooler houses, parks and a river running through the city), went to a local farmer’s market, set up house (sorta, two rooms still consist mostly of boxes), re-watched seasons 2-3 of Breaking Bad, had a friend over for Sunday lunch (who then took all of our boxes for his move), and proceeded to break a picture frame and patio chair (frame, no good, chair – hubby fixed!).  All in all, it’s been a busy but productive week and we’re really settling into our new neighborhood.  As we speak, hubby is making “neighbor cookies”!  Have you made any big life changes recently?  How have you managed keeping up with everything?  Back to regular scheduled blogging soon.  Do share!


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