VA is for Bloggers: Kabab Grille

If there is one thing that will get Richmonder’s together it will be good food and an excuse to talk about blogging.  Thankfully the fearless leaders, food tasters, and event hosters extraordinaire – Liz and Sarah – are leading the charge of getting bloggers of all kinds together at different events such as VMFA’s happy hour, an afternoon of delicious Pakistani food or meeting up at different RVA festivals, and of course snapping photos and blogging about it along the way.

Top to bottom, left to right: Sarah and Liz / Tatianna and Janieseca/ RVA Fashion Bloggers unite: Brian of Dirty Richmond and Sydney / Ashley in Pakistani wear

Gorgeous decor in a lounge area

Even bloggers just wanna have fun! From left: TatiannaJaniesecaShainaSarahAdrienneLindsayLiz


Besides absolutely amazing food (I am already an Indian food lover, ok mostly a naan lover, so this was on point), I truly enjoyed meeting other bloggers outside of my sometimes small fashion blogging world.  Out of the lovely ladies and gents (yes you read that right, two lucky guys surrounded by a room of women) there, we had bloggers who shared snippets from their daily lives, recipes, organizing, cooking experiments, budding entrepreneurs  vegan/vegetarian food, poems and everything in between.  But almost more fun than that was getting to know the person behind the blog: who knew that street style snapper Brian actually worked in the Development office at Virginia Commonwealth University or that  Anna who writes Anna’s Adventure’s in Health had literally just moved to Richmond the day before our meet up and was enjoying exploring the city via bicycle?  While these are just a few of the stories that were shared it’s a fun reminder to get out from behind the camera (or computer screen) and be involved in your own communities!  Any blogging meet-ups (or just a general ones) planned for this weekend or week of your own?  Do share!

*POST UPDATE – this event has been canceled.  Rescheduled details HERE – your truly won’t be there as I had made plans to attend tonights and thus now have plans on the 8th – but it’s sure to be a great meet up with lots of fashion loving ladies (and gent)*

Psssst.  If you are a fashion blogger (or lifestyle or beauty!), make sure to carve time out of your calendar tomorrow evening for the RVA Fashion Bloggers meet up!  Details here.

Top image courtesy of Liz from I Heart Veggies other images copyrighted to ChicStripes


6 thoughts on “VA is for Bloggers: Kabab Grille

  1. No problem – I feel bad it took so long for me to get it up! PS my blog has sent ALL your comments into spam. I just found 6 of them – so I am not ignoring you, promise :)

  2. You have inspired me to search for a blogger meet up here in Atlanta! It’s on my to-do list for tomorrow :)

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