Friday Chic: New Shoes and a Side Bun

It is probably safe to say that new shoes are a fun purchase for any woman, but even more so when a designer name is scored at a steep discount.  Enter stage center: my new BCBG Paris heels for $12 at Rumors, a second hand consignment store that is a cult fave for everyone from the college prepsters looking for individuality to the hipsters, scenesters and all other “ters” in between.  In a size 7 they are a smidge big which is mostly fixed through a gel pad in the front and worth the envious looks I get when I share the purchase details.

What is your go-to thrift/consignment store when looking for clothes?  I usually stick with Clementine as they tend to carry more of my style, but it’s always worth a stop to the others (Rumors, B-Sides, Plato’s, Fantastic Thrift) every now and then to see what’s going on.  I’m turning my thrifting sights on furniture  next, though as we now have a house to be outfitted (yes, today is the day we become official homeowners)!  If you know of any great places or areas with loads of consignment furniture, leave it below in the comments and I’ll let you know when I stop by!  Happy Friday and thanks for spending your week with me.

Outfit details:

dress – J. Crew / jacket – H&M / shoes – BCBG Paris via Rumors / cuff – Unearthed

Psssst. Like the cuff featured above?  It is one of my all time favorites and I even teamed up with Karen from Unearthed a while back when I did a Stop in Style feature on her products to offer a reader discount.  No such thing today, but I just can’t help but sharing her site and beautiful products  THIS one is currently on my wish list.


7 thoughts on “Friday Chic: New Shoes and a Side Bun

  1. Perfectly styled with the side bun! I peruse my local Goodwill and UAL, an awesome designer consignment store.

    Have a great weekend boo!

  2. Thanks – my hair is at an awkward 12 year old length, so I’ve been wearing it up till I can get it cut. I LOVE consignment stores – I just did a feature of one for our online website so it’ll go up on the blog in a week or so.

  3. OH MY GOSH NO! Shut the door. Rather, get in your car, shut the door and go now! It’s actually very hit or miss for me, they tend to have more “hipster” type things, or rather, very casual things that I just wouldn’t get much wear out of, but i LOVE clementine. Have you been to Indigos?? Never been, but wanting to try!

  4. Guess where I found this comment? Yep – in spam! Check out rumors- they def have some unique things. Although… didn’t think you were hipster though. Dirty Richmond is rubbing off… ;)

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