Midweek Chic: Style Evolution

I remember the day as if it were yesterday.  I had been reading fashion blogs for about two years and was constantly inspired by those who had similar tastes as well as awed by those whose style I would never emulate, but who I could certainly say I admired for their sheer fashion bravery.  Maybe it was my husband prompting, or me finally saying, “Yes I want to join the crazy world of fashion bloggers” (what was I thinking?) but I started to sprinkle in outfit photos in the midst of my Model Fave, Shop in Style and other more fashion-y posts.

Looking back, I can say with certainty that my photos were grainy and some outfits should have been consigned to the “never wear again” category, but overall, my style aesthetic has remained fairly stable over the past four to five years.  I am drawn to silky fabrics, sleek pants and a load of accessories.  In the initial phase of transitioning my blog into one of more personal style, I wasn’t a consistent outfit poster as I felt I didn’t have enough of the skills (clothes, camera, photographer, time) to really make a good go of it.

So I eased my way into things – posting my “Sunday Chic” photos which allowed me to get used to outfit photos with a commitment of just once a week.  I roped my husband into it all as a sometimes reluctant photographer (he kinda likes it though, often telling me he found a “great new place to take photos”) and kept plugging away.  Over a BLATE (blogger + date = blate), I realized that I liked posting outfits because it challenged me to keep my style fresh.  If I would take a photo of it, then I probably had something good going on.  If not… time to rethink that outfit!

From this little trip down outfit history lane, I think I’ve figured out that while my overall style has remained fairly consistent, I’ve gotten more comfortable embracing different shapes (think peplum and shorts), off beat pants – flowers, dots and color, and, as always, making sure that accessories are front and center.  I’m looking forward to 2013 as a year of style investments, overhaul and cleaning out pieces that have been taking up precious closet space.  It seems odd to think about 2013 while it’s still August, but a girl without goals is a girl without a destiny.  What are your style goals?  How has your style evolved over the years?  Have you remained somewhat consistent or have you completely done a 180?  Brief confession – I do have photos of my “emo”, “hippie”, and “skater” phases which I hope never see the light of day, but do prove that you can take a high school style and evolve it into so much more!


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