“Give Me Black Swan!”

You may remember the image on the left from the teaser posted here about my shoot with Brandon Photos.  It’s been a few months since the shoot date (not to mention a lot of months before we even got the shoot on the calendar), but I wanted to share them with you as Jonathan is not only a talented photographer, but he’s incredibly fun to work with.  Keep reading for the tale of adventure of the photog, make-up artist (me), hair stylist (me) and wardrobe stylist (me) doing their thing.  Oh and let’s not forget the model.  Yes – me.

I should preface this by saying, and repeating, that I am not a model.  Anything I’ve learned I’ve gotten from Jai, my BFF, amazing model and even more amazing photographer.  I reiterated this numerous times to Jonathan and even manged to push back our shoot by about 6 months because “I just don’t do the whole model-pose thing”.  He finally convinced me by sending over several target ideas and giving me full reign on the styling.  I pulled several looks that I liked from sources like J. Crew, Harper Bazaar and other glossies and sent them his way.   He chose the final images and off I went to purchase a hat (with note to self to not send over a target image of a hat if I didn’t already own a hat) and other styling essentials – garment bags, clips and lint rollers.

We shot 5-6 different looks and clearly decided that I had a type: fun, smiling and legs.  I liked these because they were easy.  Within 3-5 frames it was declared we had the shot.  Took a few more for good measure and then moved on to the next sunshiny look.  Then came the “hard” shoots.  Jonathan wanted something edgier, darker and it took us almost twice as long to get even a few shots that came close to what he wanted.  His encouraging remarks?  “You are a great white swan – you can do white swan all day.  Give me black swan!”  Let’s just say we’ll need a few more shoots to perfect my black swan look – but I think I’ve got something.

One of my favorite photos from this shoot is the coal miners shaft above.  We took the initial shots for a completely different end product, but I am totally loving this dark version that we ended up with.  Make sure to check out my Photo’d page for the full shoot details!

All images copyrighted by Brandon Photos


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