Monday Chic: Summer Colors

Just as I am getting ready for fall transitions, I realize I wanted one last burst of summer through an array of all the brightest colors I could possibly combine in one outfit.  This orange skirt has made many appearances (here, blue version here here and here) and is one of the best $13 investments I have ever made.   I also invested in an $8 blue version (on major clearance) even though I make it a general rule to never buy the same item in different colors.  I’ve found it to be such a waste of wardrobe space and it ends up taking the uniquenes out of the one item that I love.  So far these skirts have been the sole exception to my fashion rule.

What are some of your fashion rules for when you shop?  One rule I am working on now is to clothes that truly fit – much harder for a 5’2 petite than you would think.  As a prime example of the “never-buy-in-more-than-one-color” rule, a few years ago I purchased three different colors of the same v-neck t-shirt from GAP and ending up consigning all of them as I rarely wore even one of them!  Lesson learned: Buy the one you love and you will wear the one you bought.

Outfit details: 

top – Old Navy via Plato’s Closet / skirt – Banana Republic / heels – Aldo / earrings – Forever 21 / nails – Loreal Club Prive / sunglasses – thrifted


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