Monday Chic: Loose Waves and Sequins

There are three things in fashion that never get old: 1) sequins, 2) pencil skirts (they’re making a fun comeback this fall) and 3) perfect beachy hair.  Two of these are incredibly easy to achieve: sequins can be bought or make a great DIY project and pencil skirts are now a dime a dozen and come in all shapes and sizes from classic black to butterflies to stripes.  But that perfect wavy hair ala Blake Lively?  Not so easy to achieve.  My method here is relatively simple, but it’s a long process.  Best for those work from home days when your hair style doesn’t matter and you’ve got a great event to go to at night.

Hair Step 1: Take shower.

Hair Step 2: Blow dry to mostly dry.

Hair Step 3: Lightly spray with volume inducing hair spray.

Hair Step 4: Pull everything up in a high top knot and secure with clip.

Hair Step 5: Wait.  All Day.

Hair Step 6: Pull out clip and shake down hair.  Ready for the night!

How do you achieve your perfect wavy-just-came-from-the-beach-hair?  Any tips that will cut my time down from 6 hours to less than 1?  Do share!

Outfit details: 

t-shirt – Jack from Clementine’s / skirt – Forever 21 via Plato’s Closet / heels – Vince Camuto / bracelet – Things Remembered / watch – thrifted


11 thoughts on “Monday Chic: Loose Waves and Sequins

  1. You’ve got fantastic hair, I have been trying to achieve the perfect Hollywood waves every celeb seems to do so perfectly but my hair is much to thick and the waves wind up falling out or I have an afro haha. But you seem to have mastered it!!! Your outfit is fabulous as well but whats new there ;]

  2. Warm water, a touch of coconut oil, Kosher/sea salt, gel. Shake together, spray liberally and scrunch. Works especially well if (with your length), you spray liberally after getting out of the shower, braid your hair and sleep on it.

    I really like your pumps!

  3. I love those Hollywood waves for a night out. My hair doesn’t usually hold much texture – usually only if it’s a day or so old from washing it. But I go to long without washing and it’s oily — what’s a girl to do?? Thanks for the outfit compliment! :)

  4. Oooh, I love a good home remedy;this sounds great! I got the ankle boots last summer at a Dillard’s sale for about $40 – best $40 I’ve ever spent. I wear them constantly!

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