In the blogging world, so much of what is posted is censored through instagram filters, perfected through photo shop, or just plain left off with a snip of the crop button.  Sure, it’s no fun to share a hideous blemish with the world, but when bloggers like Jentine at My Edit share stories of her father’s struggle with Alzheimer’s and Aimee and Dime Chronicles can make me interested in cost accounting, you know you’re reading a real blog run by a real girl.  The type that makes you feel like you could grab a cocktail, hit up your local H&M or just share a girly giggle or two with these girls.

Need suggestions of bloggers who bleed personality, love thrifting, actually shop on a real budget and whose writing can make you LOL?  Read on for my list of 3 girls that I could be BFF with IRL.

  1. Juley at Swank Heights ~ an ex-New Orlean-er now living in Nashville, Juley has an effortless look that transcends states and she’s smart to boot, working in the IT field.  She’s got loads of fashion projects behind her such as a Refinery 29 event and local NO features but there’s no trace of snobbery and Juley takes enough instagram pics of food and restaurant reviews to know she’d be down for a girls night out.
  2. Jentine at My Edit ~ Jentine (pronounced “Yentine”) hails from Canada and is a pro at finding unique places to shoot her outfit photos.  She’s also a frequent thrifter who can also sew (I need lessons!) and is an all around DIY girl not afraid to try new fashions or trends.  Her writing style is personal and fun and I frequently have LOL moments while I’m reading her blog in the library.
  3. Wendy at Wendy’s Look Book ~ I only just started reading Wendy’s blog a few months ago and her look is flawless.  While her pieces are often out of my own personal budget, her You Tube channel is a great way to integrate some classic Wendy-isms into your own style whether it’s through hair tutorials, walking in stilettos or how to wear a scarf.  But hands down, and what keeps me reading her blog, is her personality.  Wendy is always laughing, playing around, sharing her fun imagination with us and never taking herself to seriously.  She always thanks her readers and it’s genuine.  Read her “About” page and you’ll get another whole take on her.

Who are your top bloggers?  Ones that you like for their personality, sense of humor and great fashion sense?  Any plans to find new reads over the weekend?  This Saturday I’m off to meet some Virginia bloggers IRL and hope to have a whole new set of girls with fashion sense, personality and that are just plan fun.

Images courtesy of swankheights, my edit and fibi & clo


9 thoughts on “IRL

  1. Aww, thanks for the shoutout lady! I didn’t think ANYONE would ever be remotely interested in what I do – accounting talk can be uber boring to non-accountants, haha!!
    PS – we missed you on the blate this week! Hope to catch up with you again soon :)

  2. I LOVE Wendy! I just started reading her blog not too long ago too. Rachel Parcell of Pink Peonies has great style, but I’d wish I’d see more than just her outfits, but my favorite IRL bloggers would have to be Lindsey Calla of Saucy Glossie because she invites us to see what she does on the weekend through Instagram and Katie Leavitt of Running on Happiness. Katie, I can definitely hear what her voice sounds like. She’s so incredibly genuine and sweet. She took time to write me back after I emailed her one day! No one ever does that. I’d love to meet her someday for sure.

  3. I don’t even remember how I found your blog anymore, but I’ve been following it for a few years now and it’s one of my favorites! Let me know if you are ever in VA!

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