Iguana, Sanctuary Villa at Rendezvous Bay, St. John

Every morning we would wake up to the sun shining over the mountain.  Some mornings it was to a hazy sun rise or fresh rain.  But every morning also included two to four three foot iguanas resting precariously in the trees, picking at fruit and scampering down as soon as  they spotted the humans.  I never got tired of snapping these photos and there must be at least 100 photos of iguanas alone.  In addition to the lizards, we saw (and sometimes petted) donkeys, goats, pigs, humming birds, chickens and even a mongoose. This doesn’t even touch on the underwater creatures that we saw live and in person while snorkeling.  I still have yet to completely go through and edit my photos, but I know that choosing the wildlife photos will be fun.  I’ll just have to refrain from having more than two iguana photos.   What is the most wild animal you have seen up close and in person?  


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