Island Time

St. Thomas, United States Virgin Islands

The first few days back from a vacation or time away from the normal day-to-day life is always a little shocking.  It takes a while to adapt to the impending work, massive email catch up, and coordinating schedules of life in general.  I can’t wait to share a lot of the details from our trip to St. John – one of the most gorgeous islands out there.  Instead of regular posting, this week I’ll be sharing a few photos that capture the essence of our trip as only a photo can.   Also, as the majority of my trip was spent in a bathing suit and/or dress cover up, there are very few outfit photos to show (I didn’t wear ANY of the accessories I brought – tan lines and sandals were all I needed).  We had a few near death experiences, called 911, made runs to the health clinic and battled a sinking kayak.  In between this, we saw three foot iguanas scaling trees, donkeys, sea turtles, manta rays and even a lion fish.  And to top it off, we lounged in our villa with beach access, drank smoothies (rum was optional) and danced to island music.  If I could take away anything from our trip it would be these few lessons:

  1. Days and time do not matter.  Seriously – when asked, a local had to stop and count back the days in his head to tell us what day it was.  Take life slowly, learn to relax!
  2. Spend time with your friends and family.  We went seven days with family, in-laws, nieces, nephew, uncle and aunt.  It was crazy, nerve wracking, annoying, but most of all filled with laughter.
  3.  Buckle up.  They may put rum in everything and serve alcohol to eighteen year-olds, but beware that you WILL be pulled over if that safety belt isn’t fastened.
  4. Cherish every moment.  Take in the sunset, go for a run.  Smell the flowers or feed the birds.  Take a million photos, but don’t forget to be in the moment.
  5. Avoid making spears and diving too deep in national park waters.  You could be arrested or burst an eardrum.
  6. Sample the local smoothie joints.  You will never taste a better smoothie or pina colada in your life.
  7. Begin planning a return trip immediately.  A few days on St. John and you will not want to leave.  Whether it is the local fruit, the slow paced life, the charm of a “Good morning/Good afternoon” instead of “Hi” or just the sheer fun of driving on the left hand side, you’ll be coming back.

Outfit details:

tank – Forever 21 / pants – thrifted / belt – thrifted / bag – J. Crew via Plato’s Closet / sandals – Zara / earrings – Forever 21


3 thoughts on “Island Time

  1. We drove through St. Thomas and stopped at the flea market – it seems like a fun place to visit but I loved the peacefullness of St. John.

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