Chic Grams

As you read this, I will be four hours into a week long vacation on the island of St. John.  I can’t even begin to say how excited I am to spend this time with my family, husband and an aunt and uncle – all who love to travel and enjoy new adventures.  Be sure to follow me on instagram {chicstripes} for snippets of our week!  For now, catch up on my weeks past below.

Left to right, top to bottom

1. Beaching – over the past several years, we’ve made it a tradition to go to the beach for my brother’s birthday.  Apparently no one bothered to check the weather for this trip because we sat huddled under towels for the better part of two hours, rejoicing when the sun broke through even for a few minutes.  Eventually the weather cleared and we soaked up the sun.

2. Boat – Near Norfolk and the many naval and army bases, it comes as no surprise to see a huge boat slowly making its way through the ocean.

3. Arm candy – I haven’t really jumped on the “arm party” bandwagon as I really just don’t like a lot of things on my wrists and find it can look overly busy, but today was an exception with a watch and just a few other accessories.

4. Home – Here she is!  Our first home!

5. Downpour – We’ve had terrible storms over the past few weeks (a tornado!  winds of 60 MPH! lightning!) and while this rain looks lovely, it was quite the menace.

6. Father’s Day – my own father passed away almost two years ago (October 2010) and while Father’s Day is bitter-sweet, I always try to remember that while he is not in my present, he will be in my future.

What has your week in pictures looked like?


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