Monday Chic: “Deserted” Alley Way

I cannot resist a good deserted alley for taking outfit photos.  This is best when I am attempting to wrangle the camera, propped up against the camera case, all while balanced on the car hood and running in my 10 seconds to make the shot.  Let’s just say I’ve gotten some stares using this method.  So while this looked like the perfect alley for me, it was not.  I was interupted by at least five cars who seem to use the alley as their own personal road as well as quite a few people who made some side ways eyes in my general direction.

Clearly the audience didn’t keep me from my photos, but I’m more wary of seemingly deserted alleys from now.  What lengths have you gone to get the perfect photo?  Or do you actually have a tripod (newsflash, still need to buy one) and a remote?  What about crowds, like ’em, hate ’em?  Do share!

Outfit details: 

tank – Banana Republic / skirt – Banana Republic / jacket – H&M / sandals – Zara / necklace – J. Crew / hair bands – Goody


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