Instagram has quickly become my go-to for when I am bored or want to see what my favorite bloggers have been up to lately.  Follow me {chicstripes} to keep your mind from being bored!

1. Get fit – With a St. John’s vacation just 3 weeks away, I have been on a mission for the past few months to really get fit.  I am a regular gym goer anyway, so this hasn’t been too hard, but I’ve been upping the ante (and may have even bruised a rib for it).

2. Mint and tribal – Two of the best trends this season, I paired mint skinny cords with high stiletto tribal heels.  However, head here for reasons to beware of such high shoes.

3. Summer time – The first few days of hot weather here called for rolled jeans and a very summery vibe.  I have been wearing this white plastic Toy watch a lot recently and despite the fact that it’s missing a watch battery, I find it to be a great summer accessory.

4. Palma – this is my baby!  She seriously cannot be any cuter.

5. Neon – another summer trend is great pops or swaths of neon.  Here I dip just a little into the trend with a bracelet from an old Target line.

6. RVA < Austin – while two hipster cities argue over who is actually the best hipster city, our parking officers are quickly proving we are just not that cool.  Just let the people park already! *Please note, I actually work closely with the boys in blue for my full time job and I LOVE the Richmond Police Department, they do an amazing job and truly care about our community.*

7. Ladies in waiting – this was a favorite instagram pic and I still love it.  These are the shoes I chose for my shoot with Jonathon Brandon… the shoot where I wore none of these shoes.

8. Sparkles – THESE are the shoes I actually wore for one of our poses.  They are not to be worn standing up or walking.  Purely for looks as they are the most painful shoes I own.

9. True secrets of a stylist – another instagram hit, we all know stylists really just shop at the Dollar Store for their tips and tricks.

10. Make up palette – I picked this up at Target and have been using it daily since.  Love the nude colors and it goes on so easily.  A great base for any look and perfect for the natural summer glow.

11. Birch Box – I gotta admit, I’m not sure I am that into Birch Box.  I am not a beauty person by any means and I have no idea what to do with half of the samples (seriously, not joking.  I call my BFF for all make-up related issues), but I do love the idea of getting a fun surprise in my mail box each month.  And for $10 a month, you really can’t beat that.

12. Some random protein bar – Another admission: I love free things.  I got this protein bar for free.  And I ate the whole thing.  Despite it tasting slightly like lemon flavored bird seed.

That’s a wrap on my activities for the past two weeks!  Search out {chicstripes} on instagram and be sure to follow for more fun adventures.


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