Midweek Chic: Mint, Zebra, Tribal, Go!

If you follow me on instagram (chicstripes) you may have seen a sneak peak of this outfit last Friday as I waited to catch up with a friend over tapas and cocktails at Off the Hookah.  I wanted a chic downtown vibe with sky high shoes and a tapered look.  Apparently it was a little too chic (aka: slippery) as I barely went two feet into their smooth concrete lounge when out went those cute little tribal stilettos from under me and down I went.  Fortunately for us we were the 5 PM diners so just a few concerned wait staff were there.

Have you ever donned an outfit you loved, but it was just a little too much outfit for you? Aka, a flowy skirt that pulled a Marilyn over the steam vents, or a gorgeous maxi that’s perpetually getting stepped on?  What other looks have you loved that you suffered for?

Outfit details:

tank – thrifted / mint cords – Pilcrow thrifted / heels – Fabrik / necklace – thrifted

10 thoughts on “Midweek Chic: Mint, Zebra, Tribal, Go!

  1. Love those shoes and the mint cords! You look lovely as usual :) And Marilyn’s wardrobe malfunction was and still is epic!

  2. Thank you! I actually have quite a few pairs of pants I’ve thrifted. I’ve had the waist taken in on these pants and they are a touch too long, but that’s about it! For $5 I can manage!

  3. Oh my gosh I love this look!! Those shoes are killer and I loveeee your pants!! I have a similar feeling towards my platforms from Project Style, they are so fun and sassy but sooooo tall that I definitely freak out when I walk in them a little and NEVER wear them when I plan on walking much or on pavement/cobblestone..some shoes are meant for sitting in haha

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