Friday Chic: Subtle Variations

I had originally titled this post “Blue and Green” as a descriptor for the necklace and blouse combo, but the necklace isn’t really one shade of green and the blouse isn’t really blue.  What it is, however, is subtle variations of each of the shades.  Also, I was watching Seinfeld as I put this post together.  And also couldn’t help but remember when my husband actually used the phrase “subtle variations” to describe something.  It’s since become a huge family joke because, let’s face it, it’s not a commonly used phrase.  And yet it works so well to describe the unexpected color differences in this necklace when paired with this blouse.

 How do you typically describe an unexpected pairing?  I pulled these two pieces together as I had several important (and fairly conservative) work meetings and needed to look together yet creative and fashion forward.  I try to balance a conservative or “suit” outfit with funky accessories or a fun shoe.  It’s all about those subtle variations.

Outfit details: 

blouse – thrifted / pants – Banana Republic / necklace – Target / watch – thrifted / wedges – Charlotte Russe 


4 thoughts on “Friday Chic: Subtle Variations

  1. I agree! The necklace itself is actually several years old – it was when they first started bringing in other lines/designers and it is from the Subversive line. I have a bracelet from that line as well and love it!

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