Monday Chic: Shades of Neon

A 3 (or 4 for some of you) day weekend is built for relaxation.  So far I’ve been able to hang out with an old friend, deep clean our apartment, lay out by the pool and start a good book.  Other plans included a family Sunday breakfast for dinner, mountain bike riding and church.  This was the perfect outfit for running around buying cinnamon bread at the farmers market, coffee, and attempting to redecorate our bedroom.

I say attempted because I forgot my wallet at home, the store was out of the perfect shade of Oil Rubbed Bronze spray paint, and I forgot a drop cloth.  Apparently re-doing the night stands wasn’t happening this past weekend, but I did put together a mood board of my ideas filled with goodies from West Elm, World Market and Target.  What did your weekend include?

Outfit details:

T-shirt – Forever 21 / Skirt – J. Crew / sandals – Urban Outfitters / necklace – J. Crew / nails – OPI


4 thoughts on “Monday Chic: Shades of Neon

  1. Love this outfit!! We went for a bike ride too! Seems like we got lots of exercise this weekend even though it was super hot! See you tomorrow!

    Jayme @ Her Late Night Cravings

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