Midweek Chic: Pastels

Another Goodwill find – amazing mint cords that are perfect for cooler spring days and can take the trend right into fall.  One downfall to thrifiting is often finding pieces that you love but that just don’t fit right.  And who wants to spend double their money on alterations?  Thank goodness for an amazing mom who can take up the waist in most of my pants.  I typically find great pants, make my purchases, and then start a little pile for the next time I’m at home.  Don’t get me wrong, I can sew.  But moms just do it so much better.

I’ve worn variations of this outfit a few times now – once with lace brogues and a silk navy top – and the color combinations are endless.  For a casual day out, I love the slouchy feel of the pants and top dressed up with heels and a stand out necklace.  I purchased the necklace while thrifting and inadvertently stole it out from another girl’s watchful eye.  I just happened to be the first one to speak.  If that wasn’t bad enough, I ran into her 20 minutes later at a second thrift store.  Let’s just say eyes were adverted and I love this necklace.

Outfit details:

Top – Apricot Lane / tank – Forever 21 / jeans – Pilcrow thrifted / heels – Aldo / necklace – thrifted


4 thoughts on “Midweek Chic: Pastels

  1. I know just where you took these photos! Awesome backdrop. Love the pants. They look very comfortable. I don’t mind getting thrifted items altered professionally even though I too can sew simply because I figure I still got a deal because brand new would cost more.

  2. The pants ARE comfortable! They are a touch too big, but I like the slouchy look at times. They also had them in a pale red color but I really didn’t think I would get much wear out of those. I am trying to work on altering my own items and I do agree that if an item is in good shape at the thrift store I don’t mind getting it dry cleaned/altered because of saving money. Although I do try to save my thrifted money for those larger items I have my eye on. That’s my rationale for thrifting and buying expensive things. :)

  3. Thank you! I felt so bad but really, I had my eye on the necklace first. But I was nervous… thrift finds are one of a kind and there is danger of it getting sticky.

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